Appointment at the consulate in San Francisco

Consular Assistance and appointments

When you need consular assistance from a consulate or consul in San Francisco you need to know that most of them require an appointment. Consular services are generally not accessible on a walk-in basis.

Many consulates do not offer all the consular services an embassy would offer. Most of the consulates offer limited services.

Before you visit a consulate in San Francisco always check beforehand if you need to make an appointment and if they offer the specific service you need.

When a consulate or consul has a website you can find information on offered services and if you need to make an appointment or not and how to make an appointment.

Some consulates have automated appointment systems on their website to make an appointment online. Other consulates will redirect you to an appointment system of the embassy. Most consuls however you need to make an appointment by phone or email.

Specific Services

Many consulates in San Francisco are the smaller honorary consulates. These consulates have a very limited scope of services and mainly offer services related to country representation and communication services between embassies and businesses in San Francisco.

A bigger consulate and consulate-general often offer a wider scope of services to the public. These services can be related to visa applications, passport applications, assistance with domestic matters such as marriages, births and deaths etc.

You see, it is important to know beforehand if the consulate can help you or not and if you need to make an appointment beforehand.

For information on appointments please inquire the consulate in San Francisco by contacting them directly by email or telephone call.

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